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Deserves 5 stars, but since it has been dropped... 5 stars but also a frowning emoji.

This visual novel was a truly captivating and immersive experience. The story was engaging and accomplished what few others have for me: throw a hefty amount of text at you (with little sprite movement relative the length of conversation) and not have me notice until round 3 getting through the initial routes. The two most universe-building lore-heavy sequences have no choices, and almost no sprite movement but it didn't matter. It is unfortunate that the energy spent creating won't enjoy resolution. 

The characters were well-developed and relatable. The worldbuilding--which for any VN can be a challenge, but for one like this that introduces fundamental changes to the fabric of the _practical_ universe it can be tedious at best or skull-numbing torture at worst--is accomplished as nimbly as a top class Raven. Imagine ELI5-ing LoTR with the level of detail for daily-use application of magic that comes with Harry Potter; sounds hard right? Now do it in an hour and make sure none of it feels like information overload. Also throw in some quality smut-adjacent content. That's even harder (heh).  It is impressive to say the least. 

I loved the concept of exploring a brand new world of magic and encountering all sorts of unique and interesting beings. The level of detail about the simple mechanics of the world (think "how would a one-size-fits-all-species toilet work" level of detail).

Unique and (as much as they could be) fully fleshed-out starting paths almost makes the abrupt end worse. Overall, I highly recommend this visual novel to anyone who enjoys both fun furry romps in magic-land as well as feelings of loss. 

It's truly sad that TDA is no longer being developed. It had so much potential and left me wanting more.  It's a shame that we'll never get to see the full potential of this VN. I would be delighted to be wrong about this.

Given the radio silence, it is hard to know what happened, I hope the dev is ok. Regardless of how much it stinks to have another VN to add to my unfinished-tails folder it sucks more to left guessing if the artist is doing ok because this is challenging work.


Another abandoned game. It was just getting good too... should just remove all abandoned games so nobody gets their hopes up...


It looks so good! Why must all good things be abandoned?!


Their patreon is no longer a creator, guess the game really is cancelled =/ 


I love this game please keep up hard work and please don't abonden it


Has this wonderful VN been abandoned? It's been over a year without any news about it...


He-he… I did not expect this VN to have the kind of situations I saw.

Just to evade spoilers… in one of the scenes, MC is trying to escape from someone…

I did not expect to see a “relief” option after a stressful encounter, I’m laughing too much for this little snip. I haven’t played too much but just making me have a good laugh, I can see that this will be a really fun ride.

Deleted 13 days ago



Is this still receiving updates? Remington is so cute, I was a little bummed when the demo ended right after really getting to speak/flirt with him 


Please finish this I enjoying this


This is an AMAZING visual novel PLEASE dont be dead


I hope more updates come cause this visual novel is absolutely amazing


Hello, healermain. I like your game very much. I translated it into Chinese. Do you need me to send you a Chinese version?

(+1)(-2) You can email me if you need

Greetings, i have some curiosity about the World you are Creating. Id like to look around before i Buy, please

Healermain posted something on his twitter not too long ago. Wonder where he went for so long.


Hi are there any updates? I want to see more of Spiff, Bryce and Drax

Probably not, might be dead. Nothing since August 2021



I have played this game, one among many about visual novels...

But, it is not just one among others! I really took pleasure about the story, the characters. I am so much waiting forward for the next releases and steps!

It is original, refreshing! As an RPG gamer and master, there are even some ideas I love (I won't spoil).

I wanted to become a patreon, was not able (I think that he said that currently Healer Main set it on pause as he did not perform any releases currently). As soon as possible it is, I become a patron!

Please, continue and finish it !!!


Yay, just finished catching up with the game

As someone ABSOLUTELY not into bears (hello Harold Grifter, Parker Stone and Juuichi Mikazuki), I was delighted to encounter that cinnamon roll of Remington Bohld, he's so adorable and funny to tease

It's nice to finally play a VN where the main character is a charming and witty guy, feels way more realistic, funnier and refreshing than your average shy and closeted MC

Too bad there hasn't been any release in the past few months, but I'm gonna eagerly wait for the next update !

Spiff is something else. 😂😂😘😘

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Any news? We haven't heard a peep from you since late July, should we worry?


sorry if this sounds rude but do you know when the next update will be just asking


Probably dead, sorry about it.


I hope not its a great game and hope to see more


It isnt dead. He just hasn't even quite finished the next Patreon build, and is trying to keep them one build ahead. If you go to Healer Main's patreon page, he posted a public announcement there to let people know that, at the end of last month


oh thank god i'm so happy he's still working on it

I think he closed the patreon..


I just read the update you posted as a public devlog on your patreon, HM, and just wanna let you know that personally I really just like the characters (personalities and looks) as well as the story itself. I dont tend to read something just because it has NSFW or not, since that wouldn't keep my attention if that was the only reason. I would have commented this on that post but am currently not a patron only because of finances being tight. Though if things ever start looking better for me financially, I will gladly support it.


Ok I like the game and cant wait to see it grown this is a really good cant wait for the update

I hope you are doing well I these trying times!

It's very rude, I know, but... I have to ask, really...

There's any NSFW content in this game? Because is kinda my cup of tea...

Deleted post

Oh goody 


Will there be more public update?

Please don't take this the wrong way but, is this VN still alive?


Afaik yes it is, last public build was released about 53 days ago and the patreon build is available already


Thanks, again didn't mean to insult this great VN or its fanbase, just wanted to be sure before I got invested 


I wanna  Bryce so much!


I think he'd enjoy that.

Hello creator of delta academy,  I like ur game a to z. The blushing big bear is the one I'm most fan of! I look forward for ur the games new updates and more events. Yet I hope ur in good health.  Regardless,  some of us can't wait for the new updates.  Plz let us know when ut comes. 


Hi there. I think there's a problem on the android apk. The game is able to launch but i can't play the game. It seems that i can't touch the play button or any button.



I came for Drax

But there's no Drax yet TwT


same Q.Q 


me three. we need more Drax :(


Drax is next in the public demo; he's out now on my Patreon.

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Dont know what to comment soo..

Guess who deez are and where they are from...


P.S. when you answer pls dont show it, make it so you have to show more to see the answer.

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Third one:

 VN Socially akward 

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The t and the l got switched, a small gripe, I know, but I wanted to let you know.








This game has so many unique ideas with its magic system, I'm excited to learn more. The characters are cute and the dialogue has made me laugh many times. Can't wait to see more updates, thanks for the great game!!



Unless you're in the sex work industry, yes.


Will there be a way for android users to do the QTEs, or are we doomed to be deers frozen in headlights whenever they appear?


I'm assuming all genitalia will be humanoid? Or will there be a possibility for some variety?

Almost exclusively humanoid. There're a handful of side characters I haven't rendered so maybe some variation there? But I don't want to get your hopes up.


Oh my. Magic and absolutely adorable hunks, it's a dream come true. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing what else this game has in store~

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This visual novel is brilliant! The dialogues are really smart, the transitions completely unexpected. It keeps adding surprise after surprise. The characters are very unique and lovable. It's fun, it's staggering, it's cute. I loved it!

maybe you should change rem's pants color because it looks like he isn't wearing any

ok something weird is happening, sometimes his white clothes won't load

Do you remember where that happened? So far, Rem should only be in his white robe.

It seems to happen only when I load saves from the previous version

Ah, okay. Thanks! As I updated character models over time that's bound to happen. Those types of issues should fix themselves between scenes when sprites are re-called but between 1.04 and 1.08 I've done a handful of naming convention changes so... apologies for the unintended bear body! XD


No need to apologies, I wasn't complaining at all. XD

When he shows the player to their room, his little text bust shows him without his robes.

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